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Warrior's Quest Battle 1 Warrior's Quest Battle 1

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Good concept, but needs more development like adding a variety of skills rather then having the same attack (maybe have mp/ap skills sort of thing), and different classes of enemies to make the battle seem more interesting. Also, add the function of leveling up so that the character stats can be gained, else it would be redundant. Oh, a suggestion is to add a background and battle music that suits or complements with the battle, making it more 'fitting'. A good turn-based battle rpg is one which has flexibility, depth, fun and a certain element of strategy. I believe this game can turn out better with progression and further development, and I do like the idea of the status bar to determine whose turn it is to attack, as it is a rather unique and creative idea to differently show the speed or agility of the character. All the best!:)

vSmashv responds:

good suggestions

Cave Chaos Cave Chaos

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Such an awesome game! If only this game was created for and during the time where handheld gameboy console was da hit! I'd bet it would be a great success. I would love to play it on my gameboy, the game play and design is just so suitable! :)

RunAway 3! RunAway 3!

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Nice concept, but there were quite a lot of glitches in this game. Sometimes when i load the game there would be no sound and I can walk through all obstacles without getting killed till the end! #Likeaboss :) Sometimes the objects are over-sensitive, but at others times the collision test did not work. Yea and at some parts of the game can actually double jump out of the map when flying past mid-air spikes and flawlessly win the game. Well, actually sometimes you don't win the game cause when I reached the finish line the guy continued running in a blank screen and I'm stuck in an empty map. Well, improvements you can make is to fix the collision test, and maybe add left right controls so that you can have more opportunity to move the guy around the screen. Then the rolling ball would become an obstacle and the guy would have a chance to get killed by it^.^ Oh yea, add more levels too.

SunOh responds:

The game worked perfectly without a problem on my laptop. The collision problem you're talking about isn't my fault, it's actually because I scaled the entire game so small you need to zoom in 800% just to see the player perfectly. Doing that made the pixels larger in the game which then made hazards incredibly sensitive.

The angry, rolling ball an obstacle? Sounds good, ironic from the fact I disagreed with the idea from the very beginning.

Thanks for the comment.

Recent Audio Reviews

-Field of memories- -Field of memories-

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Really enjoyed the progression of the song! Simply epic! :D Here was what I thought in my mind as I heard this song: (Imagine a group of soldiers guarding a fort in an isolated plains close to the time when the sun sets)-Yea gives me the impression of stick wars ^.^
00:00-00:01 A sudden loud explosion that occured far away could be heard.
00:02-00:14 The soldiers turn their attention towards the direction of the sound, the view is clear execpt for a lone man walking in the distance, the surrounding seemingly peaceful and calm.
00:15-00:22 A soldier: "It's no good! The man in the North is leading a troop that is heading towards our direction!"
00:23-00:29 A soldier: "Oh no! Enemy reinforcements are approaching from the East and West directions!"
00:30-00:46 The enemy troops march towards the fort in great numbers, fearlessly and in an orderly manner. The soldiers in the fort are keeping the close sight on them.
00:47-01:01 Commander: "Man, grab your weapons and whatever is needed! We have imminent danger and there is no time to lose!" The soldiers in the fort hurriedly went to collect their supplies and ammunition, while the enemy troops is fast approaching the fort.
01:02-01:16 Commander: "Get ready your final postions around the fort! The enemy is rapidly advancing on us! Remember, when I give the order, suppress fire on them!"
01:17-01:30 The first wave of enemy troops have surrounded the walls of the fort and the commander has given the order to lay siege on the enemy. The soldiers are trying hard to fight against the enemy, and the first wave of enemy did not have much hope but die under the rain of bullets laid on them by the soldiers defending the fort.
01:31-01:45 The battle lasted for very long, and the wave of enemy troops are never-ending. The soldiers in the fort are running out of supplies, and soon they are overpowered by the enemies. Many of them are injured, some fallen, under the intense battle with their enemy.
01:46-02:00 As the commander sees his comrades fall one by one, a sudden thought struck him: "What have I done wrong? What went wrong with our strategy? Have all hope been lost? For the price of defending the fort, yet many of my comrades had to be sacrificed? This cannot be happening..."
02:01- 02:14 Commander: "Retreat! We break towards the South! We may have lost today, but victory will soon come to us. Now fall back quickly!" The commander and his surviving comrades did their escape as fast as they could.
02:15-02:20 They managed to escape, but narrowly. As they fade into the woods, the sight of the fort darkened and eventually dissapeared from their view...

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