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Warrior's Quest Battle 1 Warrior's Quest Battle 1

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Good concept, but needs more development like adding a variety of skills rather then having the same attack (maybe have mp/ap skills sort of thing), and different classes of enemies to make the battle seem more interesting. Also, add the function of leveling up so that the character stats can be gained, else it would be redundant. Oh, a suggestion is to add a background and battle music that suits or complements with the battle, making it more 'fitting'. A good turn-based battle rpg is one which has flexibility, depth, fun and a certain element of strategy. I believe this game can turn out better with progression and further development, and I do like the idea of the status bar to determine whose turn it is to attack, as it is a rather unique and creative idea to differently show the speed or agility of the character. All the best!:)

vSmashv responds:

good suggestions

Cave Chaos Cave Chaos

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Such an awesome game! If only this game was created for and during the time where handheld gameboy console was da hit! I'd bet it would be a great success. I would love to play it on my gameboy, the game play and design is just so suitable! :)

RunAway 3! RunAway 3!

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Nice concept, but there were quite a lot of glitches in this game. Sometimes when i load the game there would be no sound and I can walk through all obstacles without getting killed till the end! #Likeaboss :) Sometimes the objects are over-sensitive, but at others times the collision test did not work. Yea and at some parts of the game can actually double jump out of the map when flying past mid-air spikes and flawlessly win the game. Well, actually sometimes you don't win the game cause when I reached the finish line the guy continued running in a blank screen and I'm stuck in an empty map. Well, improvements you can make is to fix the collision test, and maybe add left right controls so that you can have more opportunity to move the guy around the screen. Then the rolling ball would become an obstacle and the guy would have a chance to get killed by it^.^ Oh yea, add more levels too.

SunOh responds:

The game worked perfectly without a problem on my laptop. The collision problem you're talking about isn't my fault, it's actually because I scaled the entire game so small you need to zoom in 800% just to see the player perfectly. Doing that made the pixels larger in the game which then made hazards incredibly sensitive.

The angry, rolling ball an obstacle? Sounds good, ironic from the fact I disagreed with the idea from the very beginning.

Thanks for the comment.

The Impossible Game The Impossible Game

Rated 1 / 5 stars

The words "You lose" displayed on the screen is very misleading to convince the player that it is game over...before pressing anything. And when you lose for real, there is no restart button so the whole clip has to reload again. It is possible to survive (but there is no point since the gameplay will be infinite until you die), but the design of the game makes it impossible for the player to have the patience to play each time after he dies. There is no point to tell the player he wins at the very end even when he know he lost. Must as well make the actual gameplay more challenging, add in a score system and variety of enemies to make it decent to play.

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Easy Way Easy Way

Rated 4 / 5 stars

A game with simple design, yet creative. Challenging levels with a time limit to beat to get a better score, no glitches, this game is actually pretty awesome! :)

Dragons ME Dragons ME

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

The idea and concept of the game is nice. It is like a spaceship side shooter with added gravity effect. Since the sprites and animation are from maplestory, the animation part is not a problem. However, i do notice that monsters require a few hits before they die, but there is no animation to display them being hit, so this can be misleading as I thought at first that the object collision was buggy. The background of the game is repeated over and over, so it is better to use different backgrounds for each level to suit the type of monster being fought. Also, since this is an air-based combat, I think it is cooler to use flying monsters (star pixies/propelly) if not it is a little wierd seeing green slimes flying in mid-air. xD I do think that the monsters are kinda easy to fight, as their attacks only shoots forward and this is relatively easy to dodge. You could make some attack that shoots diagonally so the player would have to keep moving and not camp at a certain spot. I managed to play until the level after the enemy fireballs, then the game glitched after i got hit once by a birdy and the dragon just disappeared w/o reappearing. Do increase the difficulty of the game, make it more challenging, make the levels not so repetitive and predictable. Fix the glitches too. This game would then turn out much better! :)

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Nyan Cat Gets Drugs Nyan Cat Gets Drugs

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Well, the element of creativity and surprise somewhat there. The art and design looks okay, but there is no game relevance here. The three options there are the same, and there is point pushing the three buttons at all. Furthermore, after each time you press the button, the whole file has to reload again and considering the file size, it requires some time to reload, so it gets annoying waiting for the reload and only to find that the two other options that i pressed are the same... Change the restart script, change the animation for each option, it would be better. This isn't a action game too. So I guess this "game" is actually meant to troll?